Are you looking for silicone molds

for your resin, concrete or

polymer clay jewelry? 


All the silicone molds I sell on this site are designed and manufactured in my workshop. I had the idea when I wanted to increase the originality of my resin creations.

I was looking for a solution to quickly make original jewelry and it was not by buying industrial molds sold by thousands that I was going to get there!

So I had the idea to train myself and create new silicone molds to make resin jewelry.

Today, I make you benefit from it.

I regularly improve the models and the quality because a handmade evolves!

My job :

I help creative people to quickly make beautiful jewelry they can wear or sell easily.


  • I manufacture quality silicone molds specially created to facilitate the molding of jewelry.

  • I advice also on how to choose a mold adapted to your creative project.

  • I give you tips and techniques for using silicone molds with different materials.

  • I explain you how to successfully stand out from the competition with a fast and personalized results.

  • I help you to find original ideas to create an attractive jewelry collection from a single mold.



 The addres:


 Boulevard Albert-Elisabeth, 99/B 0-1

 7000 Mons - BELGIQUE

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 E-mail: or use our contact form

The Business Number:

 The company is enregistred with the business number BE 0550.781.143

 The bank account number :

  IBAN: BE67 0688 9969 0787; BIC: GKCCBEBB