Making jewelry in wood and resin is much easier than it looks! I show you here a way of doing that requires little material.
By buying a single ring mold, you know how to make lots of different jewelry. I give you some ideas with the mold Aurélie. You can take inspiration from these ideas or copy them.
I show you in this article jewelry in red resin and wood. I hope that will invite you to do your own creations. It's so pretty.
I got used to noting my creations tests of resin jewelry. And for this, I use a tool that I find really useful for creative people like us who experience a lot of different things. This is the ATOMA book. Do you know it?
Do you create fancy resin jewelry? Do you know the inclusion of dandelion flower in clear resin but you do not know how to find ideas to make different models of jewelry? Read this article
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