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silicone mold ring LEA

Silicone mold to make a round ring with 8mm thick.

Ideal for making rings with the technical of inclusion of objects in the resin!

A model in 4 different sizes on the same mold.
Shiny mold.
This mold can be used with all the material for the creative leisure ... except food.

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As with the model Sarah, I propose a tool to quickly create a ring with the good size.

With this rubber mold, no need to sand the resin for hours to get to match your creation on demand of your family, friend or client. Cast directly the right size ring.

I wanted this ring model more rounded keeping the depth of 8mm which according to my research is ideal for technical inclusion of objects in a resin ring.

Advantages of this model:

  • This classic ring model will please everyone.
  • The rubber used is tear resistant, flexible and easy to use, no need to release agent.
  • Useful tool: suitable for all creative leisure materials, vary the thickness of the model for more designs. 
  • A model with the 4 most common sizes of rings


You can even bake polymer clay like Fimo in the mold because our silicone can be heated up to 150 ° C.

Shiny mold!

Cavities : 4

Molding dimensions :

Inside diameter (rings sizes):

15,29mm (T48);

17,20mm (T54);

19,11mm (T60);

21,02mm (T66).

Thickness: 8mm, ideal for the inclusion of small objects



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