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 Silicone rubber mold to make a ring with 4 choices of sizes.

These are the most common sizes: T48, T54, T60, T66

Ideal to personalize your creations !

Glossy mold finish

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For this model ring, I kept the thickness of 1cm while decreasing the thickness at the bottom of the ring to make it more comfortable to wear.

A model that allows the inclusion of objects in the resin while having a lighter aspect.

The 4 most common sizes are offered on the same silicone mold for an easy customization.

Select the appropriate size and focus on customization! It's so much more fun than sanding.


Advantages of this model:

  • This mold is made with resistant rubber silicone and you can bake your Fimo catsings in it
  • Th is mold allows the technique of inclusion of an object in the resin
  • 4 cavities for 4 sizes of the most frequently sold rings
  • Completely handmade mold for a sophisticated and customizable ring model
  • Silicone rubber mold suitable for all castings without using release agents.


Glossy handmade mold.


Cavities : 4

Molding dimensions :

Inside diameter (rings sizes):

15,29mm (T48);

17,20mm (T54);

19,11mm (T60);

21,02mm (T66).

Thickness: 1 cm, ideal for the inclusion of small objects



  • Nombre de cavités 4

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