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silicone ring mold LUCIE

Shiny mold to make a resin ring in 4 different sizes.

Reusable mold made with resistant silicone rubber suitable for all casts of hobby materials (concrete, Oyumaru, cold porcelain, plaster,...) except food.

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With the idea of making a useful tool for molding several creations, I thought of a model of a ring that allows the inclusion of objetcs in the resin thanks to its thickness of 6mm.

The oval ring chosen softens the model.

A model that you can easily reproduce using a silicone rubber mold which requires no release agent whatever material you use:

Oyumaru, plaster, polymer clay, wax, resin, cold porcelain, clay, Popsine, soap, and many more!

I draw your attention to the fact that no mold sold on this site can be used for food.


Advantages of this model:

  • shiny, flexible and resistant mold manufactured with high quality silicone
  • ring model with a 6mm thickness allowing a lot of designs with the technique of inclusion of objects
  • 4 cavities for 4 dimensions of the ring
  • the mold can be heated up to 150 ° C


Glossy handmade mold.


Cavities : 4

Molding dimensions :

Inside diameter (rings sizes):

15,29mm (T48);

17,20mm (T54);

19,11mm (T60);

21,02mm (T66).

Thickness: 6mm, ideal for the inclusion of small objects



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