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silicone ring mold LISA

Silicone mold for a resin ring not like the others.

Soft silicone mold, tear-resistant and can be heated up to 150 ° C

Shiny mold finish!

Mold sold exclusively on this website !

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34,99 €

I just had a idea of pointed ring model in mind when I created this silicone mold and this is the result!

An original design that invite to be reproduced in original colors and why not in multicolor?

The casts are easy to make, you just have to place your resin or clay into the cavity with the good size.


Advantages of this model:

  • high quality silicone rubber mold
  • flexible and convenient mold, easy to unmold
  • mold to make an original fine ring
  • mold suitable for molding of all your creations

Shiny mold finish.


Cavities : 4

Molding dimensions :

Inside diameter (rings sizes):

15,29mm (T48);

17,20mm (T54);

19,11mm (T60);

21,02mm (T66).

Thickness:8 mm



  • Nombre de cavités 4

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