What do you do with jewelry created with Just-Add-In molds? Do you give them, do you sell them? Are you tempted to share the pleasure you had in making jewelry yourself?
Are you new to using resin? So start with an easy creation: pouring layers on top of each other. The resin sticks on itself without a line of demarcation. Enjoy color variation without fear of failure.
Vous voulez varier vos bijoux en résine mais vous n’avez pas envie d’acheter du matériel coûteux ? Il y a une manière très simple de contourner cet obstacle.
Here's a simple trick to increase the originality of your resin jewelry. Just dare.
It does not matter whether you have bought shiny or matte molds. Learning to sand the resin makes it possible to create jewelry with different aspects. Learning to sand the resin allows not to be limited in the choice of molds.
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