The text of these terms and conditions written in French will be the only faith between parties. The text communicated to the customer in a language other than French (on the website or by any other means) is communicated as strictly commercial and informative.

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This document contains the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) of Just-Add-In (hereinafter referred to as "the seller"), with registered office at Boulevard Albert Elisabeth, 99 / B0-1 -7000 Mons ( Belgium). The company is registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (BCE) under the number 0550.781.143.

They appear on the websites of the seller and (hereinafter "the Site") and are available in electronic version or "paper" on simple request addressed at Just-Add-In, Albert Elisabeth Boulevard, 99 / B0-1-7000 Mons (Belgium).

They apply to any commercial relationship of the seller with a customer (hereinafter "the customer" or "the buyer"), that the purchase by the latter is carried out by internet or by any other means (Email, purchase " physical "in store, ...). The mere fact of placing an order with the seller implies the immediate and unreserved acceptance of the customer to these Terms and Conditions.

Any derogation accepted by the seller, in the application of these GTS, will always be exceptional and does not imply, for the latter, a waiver of the right to invoke them later. The renunciation of a clause of the GSC never implies the renunciation of the other clauses of the GSC.

Article 1: Object

These GTC concern the sale of the Seller's products ("the Products"), which consist, for the most part, of silicone molds intended for creative hobbies.

The Products are, for the most part, on the Seller's website and The product range is likely to get rich and diversify. In this case, the GTC will apply to the sale of all products of the seller, including products that would not appear in its original catalog.

Article 2: Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale

The relationship between the seller and the customer will be governed exclusively by these Terms and Conditions, in force on the day of the order, and by the purchase order to be completed by the customer, to the exclusion of any other previous general condition and to the Exclusion of any General Conditions of Purchase from the customer.

If a condition fails, it will be immediately replaced by the rules and practices in force in Belgium for distance selling.

To validate an order, the customer will have to tick, for approval, the texts:

"I have read the general conditions of sale and I adhere to it without reservation.

The GTC apply to any order, regardless of the destination of the product

Article 3: Nature and use of products

The products sold by the company Just-Add-In on the Site consist, in particular, of silicone molds, intended for the activities of creative hobbies.

These molds are mainly intended to contain plaster, resin (epoxy, polyester, polyurethane), concrete, cold porcelain, wax, modeling clay, etc.

The Products are not intended for the food industry and can not be processed in any way. They can not be subjected to high temperatures above 150 degrees centigrade.

The customer will take care not to leave the products within reach or at the disposal of the young children or persons not having all their mental faculties.

The description of the products is the subject of a data sheet and use, appearing on the Site, to which the customer formally agrees to comply.


Article 4: Ordering of products

Before placing an order, the Customer must identify himself (Article 4.1), show his acceptance of these general conditions of sale (4.2) and transmit his order (4.3).



The Customer wishing to place an order must first identify himself. To this end, he must complete, according to the instructions provided to him online, a form made available to him where he will indicate in particular his surname, first name (or legal name), as well as his e-mail address, his postal address and the delivery address, if different, and its telephone number. Just-Add-In reserves the right to verify the accuracy of any information entered by the Customer including his identity and address.


Once the Customer has made his identification in accordance with Article 4.1. above, he manifests his knowledge and his acceptance of the general conditions of sale by ticking the icon

"I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of sale" displayed on the screen.


The Customer having chosen the Product he wishes to purchase, he definitively confirms his order in view of the summary (price of products and shipping costs) displayed on the previous screen and clicking on the icon "I confirm my order" displayed on the screen. From this moment, the order is saved. An order number is then communicated on the screen as well as by email to the customer.

By placing an order, the customer acknowledges having perfect knowledge of the use for which the Products are intended.

The seller may at any time cancel an order, if it turns out that the shipping and use of products in the region / country of the buyer are prohibited or subject to standards or costs not acceptable to the seller .

Article 5: Conclusion of the sales contract

The sales contract between the Customer and the Seller will be concluded only when the Customer has made his order in accordance with Article 6 and when the Seller has confirmed to the customer his acceptance of the order. The acceptance of the order sent by email will indicate the total price of the order in euros and the order number.

Article 6 : Prices and payment methods

6.1. The price applicable to the Products is the price indicated on the Site at the time of the validation of the order.

This price is detailed in:

· Prices excluding taxes and expenses of the Products

· The amount of Value Added Tax (VAT) if applicable

· Packaging and transport costs, if applicable depending on the mode and delivery destination chosen by the customer. These fees are always due in addition to the price of the products.

All prices are in EURO. Any indication of a price in a currency other than EURO is given for information purposes only and has no contractual value. Any change in the exchange rate between the purchase and payment and / or delivery is at the expense (or the benefit) of the buyer.

Any customs duties for the importation of the Products into the Customer's Country are the sole responsibility and responsibility of the Customer. They may be added by the Seller if he is obliged to pay them in advance.

6.2. Payment terms

All orders must be paid in full (price + taxes + packaging and transport costs) before the product is shipped by the Seller.

Prepayment is by credit card, via the secure Paypal system or via standard transfer (longer order preparation times). The order validated by the customer becomes effective only when the secure bank payment center and the Paypal company have given their agreement on the execution of the transaction. In case of refusal of the secure bank payment center or the company Paypal, the order will be automatically canceled and the customer notified by email

6.3. Any amount due to the company Just-Add-In and unpaid for its due date, for any reason whatsoever, will, automatically and without formal notice, be subject to a late payment interest at the rate of 1% per annum. month plus an allowance of 10% of the sums due with a minimum of EUR 75.

Article 7 : Delivery

7.1. The Products are delivered to the address given by the Customer on his order form. Products are shipped within a reasonable period of time, the duration of which is indicated on the website according to the products.

The routing time may vary and depends on the geographical area of destination of the order.

The deadlines are given as an indication. The Seller is never responsible for delays due to an incorrect or incomplete address encoded by the Customer, nor for delays attributable to the services of the Post Office or the carrier, nor in case of force majeure.

7.2. Risk Charge

The risk of loss or damage to the Product is borne by the Seller during the entire period of transport of the Product and until delivery of the Product.

In case of damage, damage or any other problem, the Customer must make reservations to the Seller by registered letter or email no later than 24 hours after delivery.

The Seller can not be held responsible in case of absence of the recipient at the delivery of the Product or in case the Customer (or the person designated by the latter) withdraws late or does not withdraw the Product from the carrier after that - has issued a notice of passage to the addressee.

In these circumstances, no claim will be accepted.

Article 8 : Rights and intellectual property

8.1. Just-Add-In has all the rights to the elements of its website and its products and packaging. The images, texts, names and logos appearing on the website and on the Products are protected by intellectual property rights the use of which is lawfully enforced by Just-Add-In.

The consultation of the website or the order of Products does not imply the transfer of exploitation rights (reproduction right, right of representation, ...) protected elements.

The Customer agrees not to reproduce, adapt, transmit to third parties, market, represent, translate or modify the protected elements. Any breach of these fundamental obligations is liable to prosecution and damages in favor of the seller.

8.2. The fact for a Customer to send the company Just-Add-In a logo or any other distinctive sign or figurative element in the conditions and for the purposes provided on the site, validly authorizes the company Just-add-In to use this logo / figurative element in accordance with the instructions of the Customer, particularly for the creation of custom molds ordered by the latter.

The Seller undertakes to use any model, logo, logo or other distinctive sign of the Customer solely for the purposes and under the conditions prescribed by the latter. The responsibility of the Just-Add-In Company for the use of any distinctive sign of the Customer can not be engaged on the basis of a violation of the Customer's intellectual property rights or on any other basis, therefore that the Just-Add-In Company has made use of the distinctive sign in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

8.3. The Customer is solely responsible for the image, model, acronym, logo or other distinctive sign of any kind, of which he is not the author or for which he has no right of publication or reproduction.

He is prohibited from using any elements, figurative or otherwise, of any nature whatsoever, which may be offensive, illegal, racist, xenophobic or contrary to morality.


Article 9 : Guarantee

9.1. Just-Add-In is committed to making every effort to maintain the quality of its products within the framework of an obligation of means.

The liability of the company Just-Add-In will in any case never be engaged in case of force majeure.

9.2. All products sold by the company Just-Add-In, to an individual acting for strictly private and non-commercial purposes, benefit from the Belgian legal guarantee of two years, from the date of delivery.

Where the buyer is a company or an individual acting for professional purposes, or who is not considered as a "consumer" within the meaning of the Belgian legislation, the guarantee is one month from the date of delivery to the customer by the entrepriseJust-Add-In.

In case of non-compliance of a product sold, it may be returned to the Seller who will take it back, exchange it or refund it. In all cases, transport costs related to the return of the goods are always borne by the buyer.

No warranty will apply in case of use not in accordance with the Seller's instructions as well as in case of lack of maintenance, which is always the responsibility and responsibility of the buyer.

In case of application of the guarantee only for a consumer, the cost of returns will be borne by the Seller.

Article 10 : Right to retract

Buyers, natural persons who do not purchase the Products for professional purposes, benefit from a cancellation period of fourteen days from the delivery of their order to return the product to the Seller for exchange or refund without penalty, at the same time. exception of return costs which are always borne by the customer.

To benefit from this right of withdrawal, the buyer must notify his desire to retract by means of an unambiguous declaration (for example, letter sent by post, fax or e-mail) to the following address: Add-In, Boulevard Albert-Elisabeth, 99 / B0-1, 7000 Mons Belgium and return the item intact, in its original packaging and packaging. No returns will be accepted if the protective packaging has been broken or torn. Your liability is only incurred with respect to the depreciation of the good resulting from manipulations other than those necessary to establish the nature, the characteristics and the good functioning of this good.


No retraction will be allowed for specific orders of items made to measure and / or on the express order of the customer.


You can also fill out and submit the model withdrawal form or other unambiguous declaration via our contact page or directly by e-mail If you use this option, we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt of the retraction by email immediately.


In the event of withdrawal by you, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery charges (except for additional charges arising from the fact that you have chosen, if applicable, a delivery method other than the less expensive mode of standard delivery proposed by us) without undue delay and, in any case, no later than fourteen days from the day we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract.We postpone this refund until recovery of goods, or until the consumer has provided proof of shipment of goods in the case of orders over 100 euros TTC. 


We will refund using the same means of payment as you used for the original transaction, unless you expressly agree otherwise; in any case, this refund will not cause any costs for you.

Article 11 : Responsibilities

The Customer is solely responsible for the choice of the Product and its use from the date of delivery.

Information about the Product and its use can be found on the product data sheet for each product.

Just-Add-In is required to comply with the legal provisions regarding manufacture, packaging and conservation of the Product applicable in Belgium. It can in no way be held responsible for non-compliance with a statutory or other legal provision in force in the country of delivery (other than Belgium).

The Customer is solely responsible for the payment or customs duties or any other local tax possibly applicable in the country of the recipient.

The liability of the company Just-Add-In can not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage inherent to the use of the Internet, including a break in service, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses or any other qualified event force majeure.

Just-Add-In can not be held responsible for damages of any kind, whether material or immaterial or bodily that could result from a malfunction or misuse of the Product.

In any case, the liability of the company Just-Add-In will be limited to the amount of the order and can not be blamed for simple errors or omissions that may have persisted despite all the precautions taken in the chain of making the Product.

Just-Add-In shall not be liable to the Customer or to the recipient of any indirect damage for any operating loss, profits or turnover in any way whatsoever.

Just-Add-In can not be held responsible for the non-performance of the contract concluded in case of out of stock or unavailability of the Product, force majeure, disruption or total or partial strikes, including silicone suppliers or postal services, means of transport and / or communications, floods, fires. As stated, the delivery times indicated on the site of the company Just-Add-In are indicative and do not constitute in any case a commitment of firm delivery within this period.

Just-Add-In can not be held responsible for the delay of delivery in case of bad seizure of the delivery address, strike of the carrier for any other case of force majeure.

The Site may include links to other websites. Just-Add-In can not be held responsible for the current or future content of these sites, nor the content of external sites that have a link to the Site.


Article 12 : Personal data

12.1. The collection of nominative information for the purpose of distance selling is mandatory, this information is essential for the processing and delivery of orders. The lack of information leads to the non-validation of the order.

12.2. Just-Add-In complies with the Belgian law of December 8, 1992 in relation to the processing of personal data, revised by the law of December 11, 1998, which takes into account the European directives of October 24, 1995. This law provides that the company which collect personal data must have the consent of the person concerned, that the data must be accurate and that they must be collected for a specific purpose, clear and legal. Everyone must have access to this personal data and the right to modify it. In accordance with the law, the processing of personal information relating to customers has been declared to the Commission for the protection of privacy. The customer has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him, which he can exercise with Just-Add-In.

12.3 Just-Add-In is committed never to communicate the coordinates of its customers to a third.


Article 13 : Governing Law - Dispute Resolution

The text of these terms and conditions written in French will be the only faith between parties. The text communicated to the customer in a language other than French (on the website or by any other means) is communicated as strictly commercial and informative.


This contract is subject to Belgian law. The parties agree that any disagreement or dispute relating to this Agreement or arising out of its interpretation or application shall be subject to mediation, without prejudice to any provisional measures. To this end, the parties hereto undertake to participate in at least one mediation meeting by delegating a person with power of decision. The accredited mediator will be chosen by the parties from among the mediators approved by the FPS Justice (Belgian Ministry of Justice). In the absence of amicable agreement, any dispute relating to the execution or interpretation of this agreement will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Mons (Belgium), regardless of the customer's home.