Just-Add-In sells silicone molds specially created for the manufacture of diy jewelry.

We only sell quality silicone molds made in our workshop in Belgium.

We add each year in our catalog new molds to make rings, bracelets, pendants and various shapes to associate for the creation of jewels.

The manufacturing process we have chosen is semi-industrial, we model the model and pour the silicone ourselves, which allows us more freedom in mold creation and the possibility of customization.


Each model is tested with our customers and if it is successful, the mold is then part of our catalog.

You are therefore sure to buy a mold that is easy to use and suitable for novice creators (creative hobbies) as well as for more experienced people (artists) in the field of jewelery creation.


A single goal, we want to help you to quickly obtain a quality result for the creation of resin jewelry ...

But not only!

Just-Add-In silicone molds can also be used with other creative leisure materials (except food).

And this, without any agent releasing!


You can use our molds for

  • resins, epoxy, polyurethane or polyester resin and any known brand (Gédéo, Ice Resin, etc.).

  • concrete / cement,

  • polymer clay (Fimo, Cernit, Kato, Sculpey ...)

  • Oyumaru paste,

  • cold porcelain, (WePam paste, Fox, ...)

  • Popsine

  • plaster

  • wax


The advantages of the Just-Add-In molds :


  • Flexible molds that are resistant to tearing and temperature (up to 150 ° C). The polymer clay molding can be directly baked in the mold!

  • Reusable and therefore profitable molds. You will never buy rigid plastic fragile molds again.

  • Easy-to-use molds for fast creation of beautiful jewelry. Put the molding material in the mold without any agent releasing.

  • Popular classic molds or molds created by Just-add-In and sold exclusively on this site. Make your choice among the models proposed or make a custom mold with existing cavity models.

  • All the molds are shiny! This means that the creations with the liquid materials directly have a nice finish without sanding.


We sell to private customers worldwide.

We deliver our products to European companies.

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