Do you also like to make jewelry with resin concrete or polymer clay?

Are you looking for silicone rubber molds specially created for your leisure?


Reliable silicone rubber molds with a long life

You have first turned to the rigid molds for making resin jewelry but you notice that you can not rely on plastic molds that folds during unmolding and leaves marks on your personal creation.

You are not novice and you want to show your expertise through more efficient tools and you want now to increase your production.

You have imagination to spare and want to create multiple rings filled from one reliable base mold.


Unique models of silicone rubber molds for rapid creation of resin jewelry.

You want to be faster and avoid to make the same model again and if possible reduce sanding work thanks to shiny molds.

You want to stand out from your competitors or simply to have fun.

You do not have time to make a silicone rubber mold from your models.

Just-add-in is a manufacturer of handmade silicone rubber molds for resin jewelry maker

Each model is first sold in limited quantity and if it becomes successful, the model becomes a permanent product.

You have the opportunity to buy success molds on sale exclusively on this site


The advantages of silicone rubber molds of Just-Add-In:

We give you the opportunity to acquire professional tools and create from your ideas without technical achievement in the arts and crafts sector. An activity accessible to all!

The selected silicone to make the molds allows the use of the resin but not only! All materials for creative hobbies are allowed! ... Except food.

No release agent is required: you just have to fill the mold with your favourite material.


Some materials already tried ...

  • resins, (polyurethane,polyester,epoxy)
  • concrete
  • gypsum (synthetic or plaster of Paris)
  • cold porcelain,
  • wax,
  • soap,
  • polymer clay (Fimo, Cernit, Kato, Sculpey)
  • Popsine,
  • Oyumaru...

You can even cook polymers clay directly in the mold!

The silicone molds Just-Add-In can be heated up to 150°C in your oven.

Flexible and strong, you will not struggle to unmold your creation.

Discover now the specific advantages of each model by visisting the site.

The ring molds

The shapes molds


Conditions of use :

This mold is not intended to be used for food moldings !

The best way to care for your mold is to clean/rinse and dry it after every use especially if you fill it with corrosive material like resin.

Don't use cutting or abrasive equipment to clean or release.

Conditions for storage :

We recommand to place the mold in a dry place under cover of light and dust.

Don't put excessive weight on the mold.


Conditions for waste treatement :

The user's attention is drawn to the possible existence of local regulations regarding disposal.