some ideas of rings with the mold AURELIE

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some ideas of rings with the mold AURELIE

Do you know that you can use your favorite material with Just-Add-In silicone jewelry molds?

Here are the most used molding materials. Only food is not allowed because the silicone is not suitable for food contact.

moule-bijoux-fantaisie-resine-beton-bague-pendentif-resin-concrete-ring-pendant-fancy-jewelry-just-add-in (8)


So, you have the infinite possibility of creating jewelry that you want.

Here are some ideas to use with the model Aurélie



You want to combine wood and resin but you don't have the material to work the wood?


Bypass the obstacle by molding a wood imitation molding. It is possible with several materials.


You can also use wood paste. Then decorate the base with pearls, glitter,...

bague-bois-resine-resin-wood-ring-moule-just-add-in-molds bagues-bois-resine-resin-wood-ring-moule-just-add-in-molds

Vary the colors of your rings. Combine colors together or create transparency effects. It is easy to do with resin and some polymer clay. You don't have to fill the cavity entirely. You can create very fine rings to wear together or bi-colored rings on the thickness. 

moulage-bague-resine-beton-resin-ring-casting-just-add-in blue-clear-resin-ring-resine-bleue-transparente-just-add-in bague-resine-couleur-resin-ring-color-craft

Decorate your molding once hardened. For example with beads of different sizes and colors.

clear-resin-jewelry-pearl-bead-bijoux-fantaisie-resine-perle-just-add-in clear-resin-jewelry-pearl-bead-bijoux-fantaisie-resine-perle-just-add-in-2 

creation-bijoux-fantaisie-resine-moule-silicone-resin-creation-jewelry-mold-just-add-in moulage-bague-resine-rouge-red-resin-ring-molding-just-add-in

clear-resin-jewelry-pearl-bead-bijoux-fantaisie-resine-perle-just-add-in-3 clear-resin-jewelry-mold-pearl-bead-craft-moule-bijoux-fantaisie-resine-perle-just-add-in

clear-resin-jewelry-mold-pearl-bead-craft-moule-bijoux-fantaisie-resine-perle-just-add-in-2 clear-resin-jewelry-pearl-bead-bijoux-fantaisie-resine-perle-just-add-in-4 resin-craft-diy-jewelry-ring-mold-bijoux-fantaisie-moulage-resine-perle-just-add-in


So, does this rectangular shape ring inspire you?


I give you the link to buy the mold:


Good creations!