the easy way to make resin and wood jewelry with a mold

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the easy way to make resin and wood jewelry with a mold

You would like to try to make creation of jewelry in wood and resin .. but you don't have the tools necessary to work the wood or perhaps do you live in apartment where the noise is not tolerated.

Here is a simple solution to succeed in making pendants, rings and bracelets with resin and wood.

For this tutorial, I used low quality wood that I had. It's up to you to buy or use better quality wood for an even more impressive effect.

Scrap wood (wooden floor,...) may very well be used.


Here is a piece of wood.

I will use one cavity of the 3 squares mold.

This mold is suitable for the thickness of the chosen wood piece.

First step: I cut a piece of 2.5cm so that the piece of wood sticks perfectly to the walls of the cavity whose side measures 2.5cm. This prevents the resin from sticking to the side and reduces the final sanding work.


Second step, although I have chosen medium quality wood, I still wish to make a jewelry pleasant to wear. I sand the piece of wood to avoid the presence of splinters that could hurt the person wearing the pendant.


Third step I place the piece of wood inside the silicone mold, checking that it touches the edges on the side and that it is well placed at the bottom of the cavity of the mold.


Fourth step: I prepare the resin and the catalyst (hardener) according to the ratio 2 to 1.

2 grams of resin per gram of catalyst.

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Then I pour the resin directly into the mold.



And this is the result of molding. All that remains is to make the pendant.



You are now ready to try with your ideas.

If you don't have molds with shapes, look at the catalog, you will find a mold for your idea.

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