1001 layers of resin if you wish

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1001 layers of resin if you wish

If you want to make a resin molding with two colors, it's possible.

If you want to associate 10 different colors on a single molding, it is also possible.

And if you want to cast 100 different colors on one another,well it is also possible.

This is the advantage of the resin. The number of layers is unlimited! There is still a constraint, do not exceed the edge of the mold.

Don’t laugh, I'm sure I'm not the only one who did it! ; O)

The first creations that I made was only with layers of resin where I took pleasure to associate colors.

The clear resin was an excuse to imagine colorful jewelry with my own colors.

I did not use the clear resin at all.

This multi-layered experience has given me the skills I'm still using today:

Avoid the formation of bubbles: yes, with a thin layer, there is less risk of bubbles than with a whole molding.

The knowledge of pigments: there is no fear of failure when using so little quantity of resin. If the color does not look good, it will only be a detail in the final molding.

And then, when we need little pigment, we can use leftover material (eye shadow, ...) which avoids having to make additional purchases.

The desire to experiment. With this idea of casting a multitude of thin layers, I had to be creative to find different colors. That's how I used liquid, powder, pieces, without fear of mixing a product or material with resin. And above all, it allowed me to learn that the regular practice can only bring pleasant surprises.

If you had to remember one thing from this article it should be this one:

Dare to experiment and as often as possible.

This is the most powerful advice I can give you to be satisfied with your creative work.

If you have an idea of resin molding, exploit it to the maximum and as regularly as possible to be expert in your field.

You will certainly not have results right away but you will train your mind to enjoy experimenting.

Only by doing this can you find what you are best at. Forget all those free tutorials that guide your experience to skills that are not necessarily yours.

Go on an adventure!

In the choice of resin

In choosing a shape

In the choice of colors

In the choice of associated materials

In the choice of dimensions

In the choice of theme