two happy customers of the SARAH model

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two happy customers of the SARAH model

I recently discovered the creations of 2 customers of the ring mold "SARAH".

What happiness to see their ideas.

One created with concrete, the other with resin.

It does not matter.

The main thing is that they have fun with their favorite material.


I buy silicone, I create a mold, that inspires you,

You buy it, you create and inspire others by your creations

who themselves will probably buy from you, create and inspire, ...

And so on.


Creative energy does not die, it does not even weaken.

On the contrary, it is transmitted, multiplies, travels, evolves on one condition:

you have to feed it constantly and share it.


Once one of my molds in your hands, it is you who make live this energy. Of course, you make me live too, o) and I thank you for it!


I often wonder what is the third link in the chain.

And if there is one!

Perhaps the chain breaks …


It is sometimes difficult to separate from one of our creations.

Sometimes it's even difficult to show them.

So how do you imagine giving or selling them?

And why ?

It is precisely so that this energy can evolve in total freedom.


To sell or give our handmade jewelry is to revive creativity, to give birth to other projects, to vary experiences and to enrich ourself with ideas.

What connects us is the pleasure of doing by hand, to progress, to learn.

Moving away from our creations means accepting to take distance from the material result to focus on the creative process. Experience, action, sharing.


These two customers sell their creations minimum 23 euros.

Which means that with the sale of two rings, it's as if they had the mold fro free!

But are they doing it for that?

I do not think so.

Because you know what?

They came back to buy other models from me.

They could have stopped there and created from this single mold but no, they continue to buy (at Just-Add-In or others shop ) and enjoy varying their experience.

Finally, it makes sense, no? To create is to stay dynamic.

I am so disappointed when someone is watching massive free tutorials without even trying to invest in the creation.


This is not the case for these two clients.

They give me the immense pleasure of extending my creative action.


By selling jewelry molds, I confide you a little more than simple silicone molds. I am sending you in a package something to feed your creativity and your pleasure to do "handmade"items and an invitation to share your this impulse.


I wish you a lot of pleasure in jewelry creations.

I especially wish you sharing, meetings, recognition and pride.

So that your energy never weakens.


My best wishes for this end of the year,



The Sarah mold is here