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Silicone mold: Flute

Flexible silicone mold.

Made with tear resistant silicone rubber.

This mold can be used for casting plaster, epoxy resins, waxes, cold porcelain,...

Theme : Flute.

Matte mold

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Flexible silicone mold.

Easy to use with various material owing to its anti-adhérent properties.

This mold can be used for casting plaster, epoxy resins, cold porcelain, waxes, soap, concrete,...

Cavities : 1

Molding dimensions : height : 10,2cm; width :1,4cm ; thickness : 1cm

Matte mold

Conditions of use :

This mold is not intended to be used for food moldings !

The best way to care for your mold is to clean/rinse and dry it after every use especially if you fill it with corrosive material like resin.

 Don't use cutting or abrasive equipment to clean or release.

Conditions for storage :

We recommand to place the mold in a dry place under cover of light and dust.

Don't put excessive weight on the mold.

Conditions for waste treatement :

The user's attention is drawn to the possible existence of local regulations regarding disposal.


  • Largeur 1,4cm
  • Hauteur 10,2 cm
  • Profondeur 1cm
  • Nombre de cavités 1