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silicone ring mold KIM

Silicone mold for the molding of a ring in 4 different sizes 48,54,60,66.

Thie rectangular model is actually the Amanda ring but shorter.

This mold is tear resistant and easy to use with all the creative leisure materials.

Shiny mold !

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I modeled this model because it allows to put decorations on top of the ring.

It is actually the ring model Amanda but shorter

The thickness of the ring is 8 mm but you do not have to fill the entire cavity if you want to make a lighter model.

The silicone mold for Kim ring allows the molding of rings in 4 sizes:

Inside diameter (rings sizes):

15,29mm (T48);

17,20mm (T54);

19,11mm (T60);

21,02mm (T66).

Thickness: 8mm.


The advantages of this model:

  • Strong and flexible silicone mold which allows easy release of all leisure materials except food.
  • classic ring model that pleases to all
  • 4 dimensions of the ring are proposed
  • Polymers pastes (Fimo) can be baked directly in the mold. The mold can be heated until 150°C


Shiny mold.

Cavities : 4

  • Nombre de cavités 4

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